Does America Really Want A Mormon President?

24 Mar

One of the most confusing things about Mormonism is that many of its members will say things like: “Joseph Smith never taught that.”  “Brigham Young never said that.”  “Mitt Romney doesn’t believe in that!  This defensiveness by  many Mormons is so pervasive that it boggles the mind. No matter how many times you present documented proof, they still stand by their false claims.

The late LDS president, Gordon Hinckley, went on national television and said he didn’t think his church teaches that God was once a man like us. Yet one of the official doctrines of the LDS church is the Nature of Deity where states that God has a perfect, exalted body with flesh and bones and that eternal progression means that Mormon males can become like God.


Beliefs unique to Mormonism that can’t be found anywhere in the  Holy Scriptures often get downplayed or out-rightly denied. With a staunch, die hard, born in the church Mormon, running for president, many LDS have come forward to boldly claim Mitt Romney doesn’t believe in many of the  teachings of his church. If that’s the case, then why is he even Mormon?

 Do most Americans really want a  Mormon president? This great nation was founded on Christian principles. Our presidents  have held the Holy Bible in high esteem. They believed in one God. Not millions. Now with Romney about to cinch the Republican nomination, for the first time in history we may have a President who will have another “bible” on his desk at the Oval Office: The Book of Mormon, which teaches a diferent gospel. Yet the apostle Paul said there is only ONE gospel. Any other is false and of the devil.


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