Will The Real Bible Please Stand Up

24 Mar

Why do we have all these different bible versions? What’s wrong with the King James Bible?  Some people say it’s too hard to understand. Yet the Bible is supposed to be foolishness to the world, to those who are perishing, because they don’t have spiritually discernment. We need the help of the Holy Spirit to rightly divide the word of God. An unbeliever reads the bible like he does any other book. He tries to comprehend it through his own intellect. A born again Christian reads it and because he has the indwelling Holy Spirit who teaches and guides, the Bible comes alive and makes sense. 

It seems that every few years another “bible” is copyrighted and published. In order to qualify for a copyright, the new  bible must be different from all the others. There has to be a certain number of changes to the word of God.  This is tampering for the sake of selling. There’s a bible for all types of people which caters to their peculiar interest. Bibles for feminists,  homosexuals, humanists, skeptics, etc. In other words, it’s OK to be gay or a feminist. A New Ager or even a non believer. Too many young people are growing up on these “feel good” bibles never hearing a fire and brimstone preaching on the real horrors of hell and that we must be born again to escape it. Kids are growing up totally devoid of understanding that they are sinners. They believe Oprah Winfrey when she claims that our higher power can be anything we want it to be. If you believe it’s anything other God, you will die in your sins.

These new bible versions are not giving birth to stronger Christians. We have spiritually dead people filling up the church pews who couldn’t care less what bible version is being used. We have pastors of mega churches who don’t even know the first names of all of the members nor is he caring for their eternal soul. These water downed bibles are producing New Age adherents. People are embracing the god of Oprah and making her some type of religious guru. Young people looking for a god who is all love and never chastises. They love the god  of  “The Shack.” The Shack’s god is an African-American female who is sweet and never disciplines. Some teenagers have said after reading the book, that they want this god, not the God of the Bible. Very few believe in hell anymore. That it’s a literal place and those who go there spend eternity there. Its where their worm does not die. Some of these new bible versions leave out hell. They leave out many other things. That’s why they are called paraphrased bibles. Sometimes entire verses are omitted. Some put the deity of Jesus Christ in doubt. These changes are so subtle that many Christians don’t even notice. We have men standing behind pulpits who do not believe the entire word of God is true. Some deny the deity of Christ, the virgin birth, the Resurrection, or even the existence of the devil. They preach watered down sermons because this is what itchy ears want to hear. I have been to churches where they perform funny skits. Where laypeople gave sermons and taught some unscriptual things and no one stood up to correct them. Churches where pastors read from other books and materials, denying the people of their spiritual food. It’s getting more difficult to find a true Bible believing church. Everybody is using a different version which makes following along confusing. I heard one pastor say that he believes the book of Genesis is a myth concocted by the Jews in an attempt to explain how the world began.

Some years ago the Barna Research Group did a survey among Christian leaders in the U.S.  7,441 Protestant pastors were asked if they believed that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God: 87% of Methodists said NO. 95% of Episcopalians said NO. 82% of Presbyterians said NO. 67% of American Baptist said NO.

These pastors remain in the pulpit regardless of their unbelief and their rejection of true doctrines. When the leadership fails, the church suffers. What happens is from a liberal pulpit you get liberal laypeople. The inspiration of the Bible is under attack and has been for a long time. If a man claims to be called by God to preach his Word and yet doesn’t believe in the absolute truth of the Holy Scriptures then he is not really born again and following Jesus Christ. He should not be teaching and should spare himself and the flock from judgment.

If these bibles are all same, then why do we need so many versions? If they are all different, then will the real Word of God please stand up!


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