A Little Toe In The Body Of Christ

26 Mar

Years ago I used to wish I was a preacher. I had such a strong desire to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Alone in my apartment I would have my Bible open and prepare a sermon. Even say it out loud. I thought I was really good. Not the type of preaching that lulls people to sleep, but the kind that makes people think and feel and get a conviction in their hearts.   But I am not called to do this. God had other plans for me and church leadership isn’t one of them.

When a person becomes born again the Holy Spirit indwells him and imparts spiritual gifts for the purpose of benefiting and glorifying God’s kingdom, as well as for the support and edification of other believers. After going through some testing,  answering a questionnaire about spiritual gifts  and talking to older Christians who knew me, I discovered that my gifts are helps and mercy. Nothing glamorous. No leadership, tongues, interpreting, missionary, miracles, healing, administration. Those gifts that most Christians  pray for.  I’m just a kind of behind the scenes guy. I take care of the physical and emotional needs of man. I gladly give the clothes off my body if someone is naked. I pass along a box of food from my pantry if someone is hungry. I see a homeless man walking  or on a bicycle with a bag of empty bottles and I’ll stop my car and give him a garbage bag full cans that have been sitting in my trunk for weeks. I buy toys at thrifts stores and yard sales to give away to needy children especially during Christmas. I provide transportation and whatever help I can. This is what helps is.

Mercy is caring for the emotional well being of another. It’s empathizing and showing compassion when someone is hurting or sick. It’s reaching out to those who are depressed and mentally ill. It’s a kind word, a hug, a offering of friendship. This is what God has called me to do. I can still share the gospel, I witness and pass out tracts, but I can never be a preacher. The desire to lead a church has diminished somewhat over the years. I think a lot of Christian crave the leadership gifts because they think being the head means being superior. But that’s the world’s measuring stick. The world separates people into different classes. God doesn’t do that. All men are equal in the eyes of God. The apostle Paul tells us that born again believers are all vitally important to the body of Christ. The church needs every single member, whether it be the head or the toe, all are equal and necessary. I don’t mind if my gift is considered the little toe because I look at this this way: it’s the toes that keep the body up and moving. If  just one toe is missing, the body can hardly walk.

Isn’t the little toe awesome!



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