A Hospital For Sinners

29 Mar

I had a very interesting dream last night. It had to do with Melanie, a girl I used to know, who isn’t a Christian. She and I were patients in a hospital and standing around an empty bed. The room very large room filled with beds and patients and nurses everywhere. I was wearing a gown and wondering why when I wasn’t even sick. Then I had a strong need to urinate and walked across the room to where there was a commode. It was sandwiched between two patients whom I could not see because there were curtains drawn around their beds. The commode was out in the open with no door. I could see my friend, Melanie, looking around the room and then in my direction, but she appeared not to be seeing anything as if she were blind. It hit me after I awoke that this was a hospital for sinners and that Melanie is spiritual blind.


A nurse kept telling me to hurry up and urinate. I could not do it and was embarrassed because there was no privacy and this nurse kept pressuring me to just do it. All of a sudden the patient on my left was having a seizure and was pushing against the curtain. A nurse was running towards this patient and a doctor had come holding a transparent bag that was filled with either blood or an organ, possibly a heart. I ran back to Melanie. She was trying to adjust the picture on a small TV set that was sitting on top of a dresser. Jesus was on the screen, but His image was slightly hazy. I reached out for the rabbit ears antenna and moved it around until the picture became crystal clear. I said to Melanie: ” I will have to keep holding this or the picture will get fuzzy again.”


Then the scene changed. We were now in a car and it was getting dark. Melanie was driving. I was sitting in the back seat with another person. The weird thing was that Melanie was sitting on the right side of the front seat steering like they do in England. So she was driving on the wrong side. She got on the thruway and then suddenly pulled over just  partially off the shoulder and stopped the car. An 18 wheeler was coming out of a side road behind us and barely had room to squeeze through in order to get onto the thruway. Melanie appeared unconcerned, got the car going again. The other person who was sitting next to me in the back had moved to the front seat. Melanie slid over and was kissing this person. I screamed:  “Watch the road! Drive the car!” The car swerved into the opposite lane. When Melanie looked up it was too late. We had hit something and the car flew straight up in the air. I didn’t feel the crash. It was more like I was merely an onlooker. I was in the car spiritually, but not physically. .


Melanie is not a Christian. In fact she wants nothing to do with Jesus and if anyone tries to hand her a gospel tract she will just throw it on the ground.  The Lord has put it on my heart to pray for her all these years. Every once in a while she shows up in a dream and it’s as if God wants me to double up on my prayers for her. When I woke up this morning the dream became clear. We were in a hospital for sinners and I knew I didn’t belong there but I was needed because Melanie is lost. This is why she drove on the wrong side of the car and ended up on the wrong side of the road. She was headed for the wide and broad gate that leads to death. The tractor trailer was that camel which Jesus Spoke about that can squeeze through the eye of a needle. Jesus said it’s harder for a rich man ( or anyone who puts things first before God) to get to heaven than for a camel to go through a needle’s eye. The part where I was able to make Jesus crystal clear on the TV screen means I need to witness and make the Gospel known. God was telling me, through this persistent nurse, that I need to keep praying for Melanie until she understands and accepts the Gospel of Jesus Christ and makes Him her Lord and Savior.


God can and does (though not very often) uses dreams to make His will known.





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