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Dead Churches: Every Christian’s Stigma

30 Apr

Why is it that many Christian churches do not have a healing ministry? There are still churches where the elders will do the laying on of hands after the service if you’re sick or need prayer, but you have to ask them. Seek them out. Otherwise you’d never know if they do these things. But a healing service? They are few. I have been to many different denominational churches, Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical, and have never seen a single healing ministry. Why is that? Is our faith too small? Have we stopped believing that Jesus still heals today? Is it because charlatans like Benny Hinn and Peter Popoff have caused us not to believe in genuine miracles? Continue reading


Should Christians Vote For Romney?

28 Apr

Franklin Graham says it’s OK to vote for a Mormon for president. Graham said that Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith “doesn’t bother me at all,” and said voters should elect a president based on the candidates’ qualifications for the job, first and foremost. He’s got to be kidding! In an interview, Graham called the 2012 election “the most critical election of my lifetime” and said, “You can have the nicest guy and he can be a Christian and just wonderful but have absolutely no clue as to how to run a country, you don’t want that.”

Wow, so it’s more profitable to elect a man who belongs to a cult that has heretical teachings as long as he knows something about politics then it is to elect a man who’s a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. Such a man has God on his side. Such a man can do all things through Christ who strengthens him. (Philippians 4:13) Such a man is in right standing with God. Why on earth would a Christian vote against a child of God and instead vote for a member of one of the worlds largest cults that has blasphemous beliefs? Continue reading

Do You Believe God Still Heals?

28 Apr

Too many Christians do not trust God to heal the really big things in their lives. Their faith is too small. I have heard people say: “Well I believe God can or will help me get a job, but I don’t believe He’ll heal my cancer.” Or: “I believe God can find me a wife/husband, or maybe even heal my hacking cough, but I don’t believe He’ll heal my blindness.” Continue reading

Step Out In Faith

27 Apr

One thing I have noticed about many Christians is that their faith is too small. Very few step out in faith and trust God for their healing, financial blessing, restoration in their marriage or whatever the need may be. For years statistics have shown that divorce among Christians is high and continues to grow. Many Christians are a couple of paychecks from poverty. Too many pray but waver and doubt.A double-minded person will not receive anything from God. A lot of Christians give up just before God is about to move in their lives. Continue reading

I Won’t Shut Up Until I Have Victory

26 Apr

Last night I couldn’t sleep. I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome and often find myself needing to get up and move around about an hour or two after I go to bed. Lately I have decided to watch the Christian TV channel to help me pass this time. Well, last night they had guest speakers and pastors who shared their testimonies. As a Christian, I do not believe in accidents or coincidences. Nothing happens by mistake, but everything by the hand and will of God. One of the guests was Bishop Randy Clark. His testimony was so powerful that I sat riveted in my chair. Like me, he has suffered from a progressive hearing loss. Like me, it runs in his family. He did everything he knew to do. Went to all the doctors, had all the tests, was fitted with hearing aids as a last resort. But he found these devices cumbersome and noisy. He also found that he was having difficulty pastoring, using the phone, etc. Each time he had his hearing tested, the report was worse. This could have been me speaking. This was my very own experience. Like him, I have been praying for years for  healing. Like him, I went to a faith healer who stuck his fingers in my ear, prayed and rebuked the spirit of deafness. Continue reading

A Bike, A Cop And A Blessing

20 Apr

Yesterday I had been praying that God would use me to be a blessing in someone’s life. In the morning I tell God that I am available. Sometimes nothing happens. But there are times when something does  and what a blessing it is. I was selling a 10 speed bicycle on Craigslist and got two responses. One was from a mother who said she would stop by that evening after her son’s game at the school. The other response came from a young lady who asked me to text her. I did and told her that someone was stopping by at 7 PM and if they didn’t buy the bike I would let her know. I didn’t get an answer to my text right away and  didn’t think any more about it. All of a sudden I felt the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart about this silent lady. I quickly took this to prayer and asked God to show me which of the two women to sell the bike to. Continue reading

God Is Dead Bumper Sticker

18 Apr

One time when I was 6 years old, I was riding in the car with my parents. The car ahead of us had a bumper sticker which said: GOD IS DEAD. I didn’t think too much about it. Being a young child and Catholic, I remember fleetingly thinking it’s possible. My church keeps God away from its parishioners. We don’t experience a relationship with Jesus Christ either. Its like we are always standing in the outer court and the priest is inside having that relationship, absolving us of our sins and doing everything on our behalf that we ought to be doing ourselves. I was too young to understand that it is impossible for God to die and only minimally aware of Jesus’ death on the cross, but I didn’t make the connection that this was God in the flesh. Continue reading