God Does Not Change. Why Does The Bible?

2 Apr

There was a time many, many years ago when Christians used one Bible. You could bring your Bible to church and it was the same one your pastor used. You could follow along with him word for word. There was no confusion. Your Bible said exactly what everyone else’s said. This was the King James Bible which came straight from the  Antiochian line. The first Christians were from Antioch. Then in the 1800’s all of that changed. Two men came along and decided to rewrite the scriptures and have it published.


This began the phenomenon of flooding the earth with different versions and men discovered there was a lot of money to be made by writing and printing another version and another and another. The Kings James Bible then became known as the KJV, just another version. What is happening here is that all these versions, except the KJB, are copyrighted. This means you can only legally quote up to a certain number of verses in your Bible study class. Any book that is copyrighted, one must get permission from the publisher to use the material. The KJB is in the public domain.


Another problem with a copyrighted bible is that it has to be different from all the other Bibles in order to qualify under the copyright law. This means it needs to have hundreds of changes  in order to differ from all the other bibles. For example, instead of a Virgin, some bibles say of Mary that she was a young woman or maiden. If my bible says: “In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins,” and your bible deletes the word: ‘Blood’  then you might not understand that remission of sins comes through the blood. A brand new Christian may never learn this truth.


This is dangerous because what we’re seeing are condensed bibles, paraphrased bibles. diluted bibles. Bibles with words or whole verses deleted. Different words that change the meaning of a verse or passage. These user friendly bibles are so watered down that many people like it because it’s a good read, rather than to obey what it says and live it out.


Satan’s aim as always been to destroy God’s word. He is a master at twisting Scripture. He it did at the Temptation of Christ and he’s still doing it today.


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