Does God Use The Unsaved?

3 Apr

Does God hear the prayers of the unsaved? The Bible says that prayer is the privilege of those who have become righteous children of God (John 1:12). It is only when we have been born again that we receive the righteousness of Christ. So does God answer the prayers of those who don’t believe? Does He ever use them to get His work done? What about people in a cult? Those who believe in a different Jesus? If you’re praying in the name of a false christ, is there any power to your prayers? Born again believers are given access to the throne of God. It is the name of Jesus that moves  God’s hand. A fictitious christ saves no one.

So, what of the unbeliever?

I know God can and sometime does use the unsaved to get His will done on earth. If we have unsaved friends, people we respect and listen to, God may use them to get His message out. I remember years ago shortly after my mother had passed away, I was wondering what to do with my time. I was in a deep depression and couldn’t seem to snap out of it. A co-worker who didn’t know Jesus as her Savior,  suggested that I volunteer at an organization called: COMPEER.  It’s where they match a volunteer with a child or  adult who has a mental illness and you spend at least one hour a week with them. I didn’t want to do it. I was too wallowed up in self pity. A few days later, a Christian friend made the very same suggestion. Coincidence? No way! This was 15 years ago and the person I was matched up with is still my best friend.

Several years ago I was falsely accused of breaking the law. I had to hire a lawyer because the police wouldn’t believe anything I said. I was upset and crying out to God to get me out of this dilemma. The next day a lady I knew who was catholic, but not born again, came to see me. The words that  poured out of her mouth was like listening to a messenger of God. She told me that when  all the facts were gathered together and laid out, the police will see they made a mistake and I will be off the hook. That’s exactly the way it happened. I felt in my spirit the whole time she was speaking that this was God. Her words was all I had to hold on to. It was the hope I needed to get through this difficult time.

So does God use the unsaved? You bet He does.


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