What’s Wrong With Christians In America Today?

3 Apr

My wife and I like to give out Christian tracts. We leave some wherever we go, waiting rooms, restrooms, stores, restaurants, libraries, etc. But we’re noticing that it’s getting more difficult. There is one library in a small town that has a rack for people to leave magazines for anyone who wants them. A small note attached says:  NO CHRISTIAN LITERATURE. My wife once took a Special Services bus which transports people to the doctor, clinics, etc. She handed out a tract. The bus driver, a Christian himself, told her it is not allowed on these public buses. He said he was sad about this, but rules are rules and laws are laws. All I can think of is what’s wrong with Christians in America? Why are we such cowards? Who takes a firm stand for Jesus anymore?


I think of all the persecuted and martyred Christians in the  first few centuries when Christianity was illegal and forced underground, It could have meant the end of believers of the Lord Jesus Christ. Instead Christianity continued to spread far and wide. I think about the persecuted and martyred Christians today in other countries sneaking in Bibles, holding private bible studies, converting Chinese, Koreans, Cambodians, Muslims, risking their lives on a daily basis. Many get beaten, homes burned to the ground, Bibles confiscated, limbs cut off and prison sentences given, and here we are in the most free and blessed country on earth and yet we are so weak in the faith, lacking courage. A lot of Christians don’t even tell their neighbors about Jesus and what He did on the cross for us.

The apostle Paul would not stop preaching no matter how many times he was threatened and thrown in jail. In Acts Chapter 4, Peter and John are told to stop talking about Jesus by the Jewish leaders. Peter replies that he cannot stop talking about what he has seen and heard. 


What is wrong with Christians in America today?


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