How Should We Pray?

4 Apr

One thing that took me years to understand is how God works in our prayer life. God does His part, but we have a part too. Many Christians make the mistake, as I did, of wanting something from God (a desire or physical need) and praying for it more than we pray about anything else. This need or desire takes precedence and becomes the motivation for dropping to our knees. When nothing happens we get desperate and start begging. We plead and cry for days, weeks, months, perhaps years. Our faith wavers. One day we are trusting in God. The next day we doubt. We vacillate back and forth and the Scriptures says such a person cannot expect anything from God. (James 1:6,7) Many times we give up. We accuse God of not caring or of abandoning us. I Have been guilty of that. I hadn’t learned that the fervent, effectual prayer of a righteous person is what avails. Not our own righteousness, but the righteousness of Christ that is imputed on every born-again believer.  We must be persistent in praying, for in due time we shall reap. ( Gal.6:9)


The other thing about prayer that I am only now beginning to learn is the model prayer that Jesus taught. We start by giving  Praise, Adoration and Thanksgiving to God. Second, we pray for others. Lastly, we make our petitions known. God must always come first. Then the needs of others must come before our own. Asking for our  physical needs/desires to be met must always be subordinate to our spiritual needs and desires. Instead of bringing up that financial need or physical healing to God over and over, day after day, what we should be doing is getting closer to Him. That is what we must pray for. To seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, then everything else will be added to us. (Matt. 6:33) An intimate relationship should be our greatest desire.


Many Christians do not know what God’s will is. Yet, it isn’t difficult to find out. The answers are in the Scriptures. God desires a close walk with him first and foremost. He desires that we spent time daily reading the Word which is one way He communicates to us. He desires that we spent time alone with Him in prayer each day. He desires that we give generously, help the orphans and widows. Give financially back to God for the building up of His kingdom. That’s the will of God. To do these very things. Jesus said:  “If you abide (or remain) in me, I will abide in you. Then you shall ask whatever you will and it shall be done.”  Literally meaning, it shall come to pass for you. (John 15:7) How do we abide in Christ? By meditating on and obeying His Truths, His words, His Gospel. Jesus is the Word, the very living word of God. When we spend time in the word, meditating on the Holy Scriptures, we are abiding in Christ. 


If you have any physical need, a financial need, whatever it may be, instead of praying for it, pray to get closer to God, then what what He does.




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