What Would You Do?

5 Apr

What would you do if God told you that Jesus will return this Sunday? How would it change your life? If you only had a few days left on this earth, what would you do differently?  I’d Make sure that I have forgiven those who have hurt me over the years. That I have asked God’s forgiveness for any sin I may not have repented for. My house and possessions will be meaningless.  I would  drive and walk everywhere looking for people.

Witnessing to neighbors, unsaved relatives, strangers with a fervency I had never known before. I would pass out every single gospel tract that I have and not just indiscriminately, like leaving a few at department store and other public restrooms where people just read it while  doing their business and toss it on the floor or back on top of the toilet tank, go home and never give it another thought. I would take tracts to where I know the lost and hurting are. Shelters for the homeless, battered women and children, drug addicts and substance abusers, I’d give one to the man on the streets. There won’t be much time to share the gospel individually, so I would spend hours praying for the unsaved. Those I know personally, I would lift up before the throne of Grace and pray heart wrenching, tear filled prayers on my knees for hours. I would be everywhere but “home.”

Lastly, just before dark, I would probably take one long look at nature before it all gets destroyed. The river, lake, woods, sparrows, ravens, frogs in my pond, ants that are still working and spiders that are still spinning their web. Then I probably would spend the last few hours sitting on the ground with my eyes heavenward, waiting for Jesus.

Yet, why wait till it’s almost too late? Why not start today?  Now is the day of Salvation. Today is the perfect time to say hello to your neighbor.


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