Can A Christian Baptize?

6 Apr

I had a Mormon sister missionary tell me once that my baptism didn’t count. I was raised Catholic but left that church as soon as I became an adult. I have been nondenominational ever since. Although I was unscripturally sprinkled as an infant, I got re-baptized years later in a creek with my wife.

God doesn’t care about denominations.  He wants our hearts and a relationship. This missionary and her friend came to my home bringing with them another gospel, and instead of respecting me as the head of my house, they told me my 2nd baptism was useless, of no effect. Why? Because I wasn’t Mormon. I didn’t get baptized by one of their priesthood leaders.


Where did God ever say in His word that one must be a member of a specific church? Or that a church saves us and only church leaders can baptize? Where does it say baptism itself saves anyone? 

In the New Testament, we see the example of Philip, an evangelist, baptizing an Ethiopian eunuch. Philip wasn’t one of Jesus’ apostles. He wasn’t a priest. He was merely a deacon and follower of Jesus Christ. He was born again. This gave him the authority to baptize. If one is in a area where there are no churches, he/she can be baptized by any brethren of the Lord. Nowhere in Scripture does it teach that only a pastor of a church can baptize. A husband and wife can baptize each other if they are spiritually born-again. This act does not save a person. It merely announces to the world that you are a follower of Jesus Christ. There are so many Christians who do not know what authority they have.


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