Christians, Easter Bunnies And Santa Claus

7 Apr

There’s one thing I have never understood about Christians. How so many of them celebrate pagan holidays. They buy easter candies and stuffed bunnies for their children. It’s more about going on easter egg hunts than remember what happened to Jesus on this Day.

Christmas is all about santa claus, the fictitious jolly bearer of presents for good little boys and girls. The last time I checked, it was still God who blesses us with good gifts and loves us so much that he gave His only begotten Son to die for our sins and bear the punishment that we deserve. Now that’s love! I don’t allow anything with santa’s image in my home. Any cards I give always has a religious theme.


 Then there’s halloween, the devil’s holiday. Christian parents think it’s fun and innocent and so cute to dress their little ones in costumes and rap on a stranger’s door in the cover of darkness. My wife and I do not celebrate halloween. However, we have discovered it’s a great way to witness. We pass out Biblical tracts. Usually I give one tract and a piece of hard candy or lollipop per child. The next morning I would find tracts crumpled up on my front lawn.They were probably thrown there by parents. The tracts we give are small comics. Kids love to read those. This past halloween we decided to do something different.  We filled a shoebox full of tracts and left it on the front porch with a sign: TAKE ONE.

Nobody did.


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