Stop it! You Are Kiling God!

8 Apr

Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. But I cannot watch the ‘Passion Of The Christ’. I simply cannot endure the entire film or even certain scenes. The local Christian cable TV station has been replaying this movie for hours all week long. I have only seen a few seconds here, a minute there and then I have to look away, change the channel. I get too angry.  I see the Roman soldiers beating and scourging Jesus and I feel this rage bubbling to the surface like bile. When his bloodied, battered body which is beyond recognition is nailed to the Cross, I cringe and ball my hands into fists. I see His face which epitomizes the horror and violence that was done to Him. The incomprehensible depth  of His suffering. My heart breaks and I scream at the unfathomable hatred of these murderers. The blind ignorance and the stone coldness of their hearts. I yelled out loud: “Stop it! You are killing God!”

One day the people were rejoicing at the arrival of their king and his triumphant entrance into the city of Jerusalem. Later that same week many were screaming: “Crucify him!” What  was wrong with these people? Acting like blood thirsty savage beasts! Women, the fairer sex, were not immune from these despicable acts. The people wanted the murderer Barabbas released from prison in exchange for the death of their Messiah. How did the human race become so evil?


Then I remember what Jesus said: “Forgive them Father, for they don’t understand what they are doing.” One Centurion finally did after having witnessed what had  taken place. He heard Jesus crying out in a loud voice; “Father into your hands I commit my spirit.” He watched Jesus die. In all of this, the centurion recognized God! He gave praise and said: Indeed, without question, this man was upright, just, innocent!

I remember too that this was the will of God to send His Son, who knew no sin, to carry the punishment of the sins of the whole world. If He hadn’t come, we would all die in our sins without hope of an eternity with God. Everything that happened was predestined. There was a council in heaven that Jesus should come, suffer and die a horrible death so that man might be saved and reconciled back to God. But it doesn’t end there. Jesus was resurrected. An angel of God told the women who stood before the empty tomb: “I know you are looking for Jesus. He is not here. For He is risen!”


If God can forgive us of the most heinous, vile things, how much more should we  forgive each other.


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