Mary Of Magdala: Prostitute Or Demon Oppressed?

9 Apr

I am amazed how many times I have heard Mary Magdalene referred to as a prostitute. The Scriptures nowhere says this. Before the Crucifixion, the only thing it said of her was that she had 7 demons which Jesus cast out. It’s amazing how when something is repeated often enough many take it for granted and  believe it’s true. This is one way false religions thrive. They easily convert those who are not Bible knowledgeable. It has been said that pope Gregory started this degradation of Mary of Magdala in 591 AD. Is this fact? I don’t know.


Yesterday I heard a  pastor on TV give a wonderful Easter message. Right in the mist of it he disrespects Mary and offhandedly labels her a prostitute. I went on his website to make a comment about this, but unfortunately his CONTACT ME submit button is out of order.

In Luke Chapter 7 there is a story about a woman who perfumes the feet of Jesus. She is described as ‘a woman of the city who was a sinner’.  Some Christians believe this woman was Mary Magdalene, although the text doesn’t infer this. I was once on a Christian forum where this was the topic of discussion. A guy came on and said Mary Magdalene was the woman caught in adultery! It’s almost like a smear campaign. We want to romanticize and sexualize biblical characters. Many want to believe Jesus was married or that the apostle Paul was gay because he chose celibacy.

Where the Bible is silent, we too must be silent. When it comes to God’s word, there is no room for speculations and second guesses. Gossiping is a sin. So is adding to the Scriptures. Let’s leave Mary of Magdala in peace.


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