Maybe We Should Become Like The Amish

10 Apr

With the shape that our economy is in and the high cost of living, maybe its time to become like the Amish. Experts are predicting that things are going to get worse. Even Christian pastors are saying it’s a good idea to stock up your food pantries and store emergency supplies. With the rising gas prices, a horse and buggy is free transportation. No paying the DMV or your local mechanic anything. The Amish use the horses to till their land, grow and can their own food. They are prepared for emergencies  similar to those Doomsday Preppers you see on the National Geographic channel.


The Amish make their own clothes and often wear the same things over and over, so no need for Macy’s or Neiman Marcus. Church for them is simple and resembles what Christians did in the first century. They meet in the homes of other members. If Christianity is ever again forced underground, they can still meet secretly. They can hide their horses and buggies in the barn. If the power grid fails, they will hardly notice. Just keep using oil lamps or go back to candles. They rely very little on electricity and don’t own  phones. The Amish have the life skills which most of us lack, especially city dwellers who are used to having everything done for them and are terribly dependent on machines and electronics.

 It’s been predicted that many city dwellers will inevitably move out to the country in order to be more self sufficient and self sustainable. We all need to learn the life skills of the Amish, especially since we could very well be living in the last days.


Let’s be ‘People of the Book’, that is the Holy Bible. Let us learn to depend on God for everything we need, and not the government, the world or our own self will. Let’s all be ready and watch, for Jesus said: “I am coming quickly!”


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