Bible Errors?

11 Apr

After a while it gets tiring listening to all the bible critics out there. This has been satan’s aim from the beginning: to destroy God’s word. He’s a master at twisting scripture and tried in vain to do so during the Temptation of Christ. Now there are people who are attempting to further discredit the Holy Scriptures and it has gotten worse in the past decade. They go looking for contradictions and as everybody knows, whenever you go searching for something, you will find it. Like a man who goes looking trouble, trouble will follow. Bible critics claim there are over 100 errors or contradictions.Take for example 4 of the most common so-called discrepancies: Was Ahaziah 22 (2 Kings 8:26) or 42 (2 Chronicles 22:2) when he began to rule over Jerusalem?

Was Jehoiachin 18 years old (2 Kings 24:8) or 8 years old (2 Chronicles 36:9) when he became king of Jerusalem?

Did Jesus rode into Jerusalem on one colt (Mark 11:7; cf. Luke 19:35), or a colt and an ass (Matthew 21:7)

  Did Judas die by hanging himself (Matthew 27:5) or by falling headlong and bursting open with all his bowels gushing out (Acts 1:18)


Every one of these 100+ questionable passages have been explained. There are dozens of books written on this subject. Also, one needs only to google: ‘ bible contradictions’ and there’s a wealth of information about it. The errors are not in the Bible, they are made by those who take passages out of context or by those who are not children of God. The world will continue to attack the Holy Scriptures until satan is cast into the Lake of Fire. God’s word is foolishness to those who are perishing.

Muslims are one of its greatest critics, yet it says in their very own Qur’an to respect the Holy Bible. Atheists and skeptics who attack it and haughtily claim it’s a book of fairy tales, look just as ridiculous as the skinheads and the neo-nazis. They have no cause. No purpose in life because they are enemies of God and satan’s pawns.


I have heard Catholic priests say that the Creation story in Genesis was made up by Jews in an attempt to explain how life began. Some in the Reformed/Calvinist camp say the Bible has uninspired additions. Even many mainstream Christians believe there are some errors but they are comfortable with that. They question the drinking of poison and snake bites mentioned in Mark 16:17-18.   They believe that Mark ended his Gospel at verse 8 and that 9-20 do not belong, but were added much later by someone else. Why? Because the passage makes them uncomfortable. They cannot accept what it says, but they are willing to believe that God’s word has errors. Oh, ye of little faith!

Either we believe the entire bible is God’s infallible, inerrant word, or we believe it’s all completely false, a book of  fables. There’s no middle ground. No cherry picking. It’s all or nothing!




2 Responses to “Bible Errors?”

  1. Derick Andrew April 11, 2012 at 2:59 pm #

    In my own personal opinion, the “show me one error and I’ll throw out the entire thing” attitude is and has proven extremely dangerous. Take Bart Ehrman for instance. Grew up conservative evangelical. He attended Moody Bible Institute where he was taught this way of thinking. He left Moody and attended Wheaton and later Princeton. While studying textual criticism of the Bible, there were things he could simply not reconcile. Because of the attitude he learned as a young man and at Moody, he threw out the entire Christian faith.
    How do you say that the ending of Mark, for instance, is actually original scripture penned by Mark? Of all the earliest and most reliable manuscripts that we have of Mark, it is simply not there in those manuscripts. With no major theological belief hanging on this disputed text, why die on the hill defending it if there is not much to gain from it? It doesn’t in any way destroy my faith.

    • justoneblogger April 11, 2012 at 3:09 pm #

      Thank you for your comment.

      I am quite familiar with Bart Ehrman. God rarely uses “wise” people because they often do not have the faith of a child to believe. Some educate themselves to death and never find God in the process.

      As to mark’s ending, my faith in God is such that I do not believe there is anything in HIS Word that should not be there. God promised to preserve His word, that His word endures forever. It is man that is easily tossed to and fro by every wind and dares to question God.

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