El Shammah, A Heavenly Name

11 Apr

Years ago when I was still single, had backsliden and was feeling depressed, I sought out Christian counseling. A church not fat from my home offered free counseling by those who had that spiritual gift. This was a very charismatic church that believes in tongue speaking and “holy laughter.” If you’ve never heard of holy laughter, it’s when  the Holy Spirit supposedly comes down and causes the people to fall on the floor laughing till tears roll down  their cheeks. This is not scriptural, however. It is nowhere taught in the Bible.


At the time I couldn’t afford to pay for counseling  and I really needed spiritual guidance. My counselor was a wonderful, sensitive man, much older than myself. He had experienced the power of prayer firsthand and had seen people healed and other miracles. He warned me about those Word Faith proponents who teach a prosperity gospel. They are mostly Televangelists.


One time my counselor encouraged me to be baptized by the Holy Ghost. He put his hands on my shoulders and proceeded to pray. Then he told me to open my mouth and just let whatever will to come out. At first nothing happened. He suggested I relax and not try so hard to make words come out. The next thing I knew I started repeating something over and over. It sounded like: E Shaw-may. For a number of years I didn’t know if it meant anything or if there was no such word or expression. One day I was in a Christian website chat room and I mentioned that phrase. A woman sent me a private message telling me she was able to interpret. What I had said was actually: El Shammah, which is one of the names of God. It means, “the Lord is there.” What a delightful surprise that was.


Speaking in tongues can be meaningless if there is no interpreter.


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