Remembering Your Spouse In Your Prayers

11 Apr

It can be difficult if you and your spouse are at different spiritual maturity levels. I am quite a bit older than my wife and have been a Christian nearly all of my life. I got saved in the 3rd grade thanks to the witnessing of a classmate. My wife was raised Baptist in the Bible belt South. Unfortunately, she was lured away by some Mormon missionaries and spent over 10 years int the Mormon church. Not able to find the peace and joy she was desperately looking for, she attended a Christian Bible study and accepted Christ as her Savior. This was 7 years ago. So she’s relatively still a new Christian. As the head of my home it is my responsibility to look after my family’s spiritual health.


 If you have a wife (or husband) who is a teeter-taller smoker. By that I mean they don’t smoke all the time, but when they are feeling a lot of stress they go out and buy a pack of cigarettes. This can hinder one’s prayer life.  The Bible says the two must be in agreement with God. When we pray during devotions or in church, God may not answer until the spouse, who is still clinging to some sin, repents.  This holds true if you are married to someone who cusses a lot, takes the Lord’s name in vain, is prideful, tells fibs, etc. A spouse who prays, but who’s faith gets tossed with every wind that they deep down inside don’t really believe God will answer or grant us their petitions, will delay God’s blessings. I pray all the time that God will help my wife grow spiritually. That He will take away her desire to light up a cigarette.

Do you faithfully remember your mate in your prayers? What are you praying for God to do?


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