A Mormon And A Catholic Leading America

12 Apr

Mitt Romney has not ruled out the possibility of choosing Rick Santorum for a running mate. Romney is a mutli generational Mormon. Santorum is Roman Catholic. They both claim to have very strong faith.  These are two very different religions. Both are considered a cult according to the mainstream Christianity world. However, both of these religions adhere to quite a few Old Testament practices. Both believe in the continuation of the priesthood, although in different ways.


The Mormons have resurrected the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthoods which became obsolete though the atonement and sacrifice of Jesus Christ at Calvary. In the Catholic church the priest sacrifices Christ on the altar at every Mass. Both religions believe they are the One True Church. That salvation is found largely through their rules and rituals. Mormons believe only their leaders are modern day prophets who hear from God. Catholics believe their pope is God’s mouthpiece on earth and that their Magisterium is the only teaching body that is able to interpret the truths of the Faith

Do these two religions make Romney and Santorum unequally yoked, or cut from the same cultist cloth? What we have seen for the past couple of decades is a rise in ecumenism. For the sake of unity and peace, Christians are joining hands with those outside their faith. Billy Graham has been embracing Catholicism and praising the pope. Has Graham sold out on the Truth that Jesus Christ is THE only way to God and salvation?  James Robison, a televangelist, embraces Beth Moore who is known for Bible twisting, and Glen Beck, a Mormon. Beck has been on Robison’s  show all week, claiming to be a ‘ defender of the faith.’  Which faith? Beck said America can be saved because people like himself have the “righteous calling” to lead “the new civil rights movement.


If Romney wins the presidency and chooses Santorim for the office of vice president,, we will have 2 very different religious adherents. It will be interesting to see how Muslims in the Middle East will react. Or perhaps they couldn’t care less. What about the rest of us American Christians? 

Could we be in the last days? Can people of different religions come together and honestly put aside their faiths and work in harmony? Although we have separation of church and state here in the USA, God must always come first. Obedience to Him must be our first priority. Will these leaders pledge their allegiance to their country over and above God?


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