Schizophrenia: Demon Possession?

17 Apr

Are all mental illnesses caused by satan? I have a friend who has suffered from schizophrenia since she was 19. She was in college when she had a nervous breakdown. She spent the next 10 years living in mental health facilities and even received electro-shock treatment. They tried  different kinds of medications for her which wreaked havoc on her system. One drug left her body so rigid that she walked like those zombies in the “living Dead” movie.

Another drug cause delusions of grandeur where she believed she was a faith healer and began to lay hands on everyone. Just indiscriminately touching people that the staff gave her an injection to induce sleep and put her to bed. One day a  girl of the Pentecostal faith who was there for depression, walked up to my friend and began to prophesy. She said my friend would be healed of this debilitating mental disease and would be a leader of some type.

Finally they sent her home with 3 powerful psychotic drugs and wished her good luck. She accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior not long afterward. It has been more than 30 years since her breakdown and she is still  plagued by voices inside her head and paranoia. She continues to see a Christian counseling twice a month. That’s a lot of therapy. Although she has prayed all these years and has had hands laid on her for healing and I too have been praying for since since I met her back in 1994, she is only nominally better. The voices she hears do not speak often, but when they do she calls her psychiatrist and the dosage of her medication is increased. She is almost always paranoid and believes people talk about her and laugh behind her back.

One time several years ago when she and I were looking for a church, we spoke with the pastor about her mental illness and counseling. He was a man in his 40’s and a Vietnam veteran.which he occasionally talked about in his sermons. He told my friend in no uncertain terms that Schizophrenia is caused by demon possession. He also advised her to stop taking all of her medications and give this to the Lord. My friend was upset and very troubled by what this pastor said. He, like a lot of Christians, believe that all mental illnesses are caused by satan. My friend refused to stop any of her meds because she knew she would become so severely ill that she may never return to sanity.


I don’t know why God doesn’t heal my friend. She has never married, although she has prayed for a husband for years, and lives alone in a studio apartment. She has worked on and off  cleaning houses and babysitting. But her life has been largely unchanged. Do I think she’s possessed by demons? No, I don’t. Is it a generational curse? I have no idea. One thing I do know, she’s the greatest friend I’ve ever had.


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