God Is Dead Bumper Sticker

18 Apr

One time when I was 6 years old, I was riding in the car with my parents. The car ahead of us had a bumper sticker which said: GOD IS DEAD. I didn’t think too much about it. Being a young child and Catholic, I remember fleetingly thinking it’s possible. My church keeps God away from its parishioners. We don’t experience a relationship with Jesus Christ either. Its like we are always standing in the outer court and the priest is inside having that relationship, absolving us of our sins and doing everything on our behalf that we ought to be doing ourselves. I was too young to understand that it is impossible for God to die and only minimally aware of Jesus’ death on the cross, but I didn’t make the connection that this was God in the flesh.


At age eight, I was singled out one day in my school cafeteria by a classmate who attended the local Bible Baptist Church. She asked me if I knew Jesus as my Savior. I can picture myself shrugging in that shy, innocent way of children. I don’t remember all that she said, but it wasn’t much. She had me recite a prayer after her.


I left Catholicism right after high school. A few months later I had the opportunity to take a trip to Ohio to meet Ernest Angley in person at one of his services and also to visit a new church which had been built with more glass than wood. I took one of two charter buses in a nearby city that was doing group tours at a discounted rate. An older lady came and sat with me for a little while. She asked me if I was saved. I told I was, but since it had happened at such a young age I was beginning to wonder if I fully understood at the time what Jesus had done for me, or if I was merely repeating something at the request of my friend. This kind lady told me that I needed to be sure. She talked with me about the Gospel. This time I knew I was ready and I rededicated my life to the Lord. Catholicism robbed me of a personal relationship with Jesus. I grew up knowing ABOUT Him, but I didn’t KNOW Him. I was more familiar with Mary.

When we arrived at the mostly glass church, I was in awe of the sheer beauty of the modern architecture, but I didn’t feel God’s presence. Ernest Angley’s healing service was interesting. I don’t know if anyone got healed that day. Nobody on my charter bus did. I felt badly for the blind man that walked to the back of the bus, quietly trying to hide his disappointment that he hadn’t recovered his sight.


I don’t know what made me  think about that bumper sticker today. It’s been more than 30 years. The man or woman who stuck it on their car is now either quite old or dead. What would make a person say such a thing? Not an atheist. They don’t believe God ever existed. I also can’t help but wonder if he or she eventually found Christ.





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