A Bike, A Cop And A Blessing

20 Apr

Yesterday I had been praying that God would use me to be a blessing in someone’s life. In the morning I tell God that I am available. Sometimes nothing happens. But there are times when something does  and what a blessing it is. I was selling a 10 speed bicycle on Craigslist and got two responses. One was from a mother who said she would stop by that evening after her son’s game at the school. The other response came from a young lady who asked me to text her. I did and told her that someone was stopping by at 7 PM and if they didn’t buy the bike I would let her know. I didn’t get an answer to my text right away and  didn’t think any more about it. All of a sudden I felt the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart about this silent lady. I quickly took this to prayer and asked God to show me which of the two women to sell the bike to.


When I got a text back, it simply said: “OK”. But I felt moved in my spirit. So I asked her if she was in desperate need of a bike to get around. She said” “Ya.” We then text back and forth and I learned that she walked to work and would need to have the bike delivered to her home. She lived a good 30 minutes away. She offered me $15. I told her that I would sell her the bike and bring it to her right away. I quickly emailed the sports mom to tell her the bike was sold. On my way to delivering the bike, I was tailgated by a pick-up truck and behind him was an 18 wheeler. I accelerated a little but was still under the speed limit. Within a few minutes I had entered into the village of the next town. I quickly slowed down to 30. Then I saw it. A police car was parked in front of an abandoned building facing me. Suddenly the cop left his spot and drove onto the pavement. He got behind the 18 wheeler, but I knew he was after me. The pick-up truck made a left turn onto a side street. In my rear view mirror I saw the flashing lights. I quickly pulled over. The police car passed the 18 wheeler and stopped behind me. I quickly said a silent prayer that God would get me out of getting a ticket. I didn’t have $50 or whatever the fee is. The young officer was friendly and asked me if I was aware that I had approached a school zone. Although I was going the speed limit of the village, at a school zone speed must be reduced even further.  I told him I thought this only applied until the schools let out for the day. He said it was in effect until 6 PM. The time was 5:40. I told him I was sorry and didn’t realize that. He asked for my driver’s license and insurance card and went back to his car. I was a little nervous but I decided to trust God. I keep extra gospel tracts in my glove box and decided to read one. After about 2 minutes, the cop came back and handed me my ID’s. I said: Is that it? He said: I’m not giving you a ticket. Just wanted you to be aware of the school zone speed. I was so ecstatic that I thanked him and shook his hand. Immediately I gave  God praise and thanksgiving for His wonderful blessings.

 I went on to deliver the bike. Finally, I found the road where the woman lived. It was out in the country, mostly farms where houses were far apart. I spotted the house # on the mailbox and pulled into a small gravel driveway, but I couldn’t see a house. I got out of the car, walked ahead a little ways to a fence and a “No Trespassing” sign. There was an incline and at the bottom was what looked like a trailer or something makeshift to resemble one. I shouted hello, but no one came out. I went back to the car and blew the horn. Still nothing. So I sent a text saying that I was in her driveway. Slowly a door opened and a very young woman in shorts came out. She handed me the $15 without even looking at the bike. She was quite shy and managed to give me a very thankful smile. I could not imagine her walking anywhere as she was some distance from the main road. I knew the bike would be a real blessing to her.


That night around 7:30 my doorbell rang. A gentleman said he was here for the bike. It was the sports mom’s husband.. He was all dressed up, wearing a leather jacket, a tie and brown wing tip shoes. They hadn’t read my email, but he was nice about it. When I compared this well dressed man to the young woman who had to walk to work and lives in a homemade trailer, I was so thankful that God spoke to my heart. The important thing is that we must be willing to listen to that small  persistent nudging of the Holy Spirit.






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