Step Out In Faith

27 Apr

One thing I have noticed about many Christians is that their faith is too small. Very few step out in faith and trust God for their healing, financial blessing, restoration in their marriage or whatever the need may be. For years statistics have shown that divorce among Christians is high and continues to grow. Many Christians are a couple of paychecks from poverty. Too many pray but waver and doubt.A double-minded person will not receive anything from God. A lot of Christians give up just before God is about to move in their lives.


I read this book by the late pastor, E.V. Hill, who was black and grew up in extreme poverty. But his momma had an incredible child-like faith that pleases God. Back then black children usually didn’t make it past the 9th grade. They were needed to work and usually got paid no more than $2 a day. But this momma wanted more for her boy and her faith never wavered. She dared to dream and dreamed big. One day in church she told the people her son was going to graduate high school. The deacons said this won’t happen. Impossible. But her boy did graduate. Then his momma goes to a prayer meeting and says her son is going to college. Again the church elders and deacons whispered in her ear:  “Be thankful your son made it through high school, but don’t go getting a swelled head. You got no money. He’s got no money. We got no money. It’s impossible!”  These people didn’t know God! Even today when a Christian steps out in faith and trusts God for something big, for a miracle, the negative voices start and we lose hope. The apostle Peter began to walk on water because he kept his eyes on Jesus. But once he took his eyes off and began looking at the wind and the waves, he started to drown. This is what happens when we listen to the wrong voices. When we focus on our circumstances and not on the LORD.

E.V. Hill goes on to say that his momma somehow got him a suit, bought him a bus ticket, pulled out $18 from her purse and told him to get on that bus and go to college. He splurged some of the money on his way there and when he finally got in line at the Registrars office, he had $1.58 in his pocket. A sign said the cost was $85. Most folks would have gotten out of that line and gone home defeated. Maybe even cursing God and just give up. But this boy remembered the last words his momma said when he boarded that bus. “I will be praying for you.” Just before he got to the front of the line he felt a tap on his shoulders. Someone by the name of Dr. Drew said: “Didn’t you get my letter? We’re giving  you a 4 year scholarship, free tuition and room and board, plus $35 a month spending money!”

God answers prayers. Dare to step out in faith no matter what your circumstances and believe God for the miracle you need.


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