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I Yelled At God Today

26 May

I yelled at God today. I feel horrible and ashamed. I accused God of not caring and loving others like Pat Robertson and Joyce Meyer more than He loves me. I have been waiting years for healing, months for financial blessing, for a breakthrough. Instead satan has been attacking me. I have more physical symptoms. They keep me awake nights. For 50 years I have needed  health, wholeness, strength. For more than 25 years I have prayed for healing in my body Instead it gets worse, progressive. Still God asks me to wait. Continue reading


My People Are Perishing!

8 May

Last night I was watching The Way Of The Master which is an evangelist website and ministry run by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. They believe in witnessing to the lost by bringing them face to face with God’s laws, the Ten Commandments. There were two very eye opening things. One was the way pastors, evangelists and those who witness are going about teaching God’s word. It is so modern that it’s both deadly and useless. The primary objective is not to offend. No preaching on hell because it will upset and frighten people.Yet the Bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. This is the heart of the problem. The unsaved world does not fear God. These same pastors and evangelists are loving them to death literally. This isn’t love! If you truly love people who are unsaved, who do not know the Lord Jesus as their Savior, you would warn them. Not passively, but aggressively. If a blind man is about to cross the street and you see a semi truck heading towards him, wouldn’t you warn the man? Wouldn’t you run out to rescue him, even if it means throwing him to the ground and leaving him bruised and battered? Love is never passive. Continue reading

Make Your Bed!

5 May

So many times we Christians want God to bless us with big things. We want God to give us a ministry. To use us in the mission fields or make us a leader of some group. Yet many of us neglect the everyday stuff that we should be taking care of. If God can’t trust us with the small things, then He isn’t going to bless us with a big assignment. One Christian lady shared her story about suffering from agoraphobia, which is a fear of open spaces. She spent a lot of time in her home. Yet she was a christian who prayed. She was asking God for some big things until she heard Him say: “make your bed!” God was trying to show her that she needed to deal with the everyday responsibilities. Often we Christians get frustrated wanting to know what the will of God is for our lives. We beg God to show us. The Bible tells us that God’s will for every one of us is to be faithful in doing those things which we already know we should be doing. We should be tithing, putting God first, loving our neighbors as ourselves, meeting the needs of the less fortunate, etc. If God can’t trust us in those areas then He certainly cannot trust us with a ministry. Continue reading

Don’t Despise The Wilderness Times

4 May

Has God been silent lately? Are you in the wilderness times? Is your spiritual life dry as a desert? If so, rejoice! This is when God is about to do a mighty work in your life. . Where He is preparing and equipping you for a ministry or to fulfill His plan for your life. No one is ready for combat until he has been fully trained in the use of weaponry,  to climb obstacles, wade through swamps and learn survival skills. These things are what readies a solider for battle. Likewise, God sends dry times to teach and prepare us to carry out His will for our lives. Continue reading