Don’t Despise The Wilderness Times

4 May

Has God been silent lately? Are you in the wilderness times? Is your spiritual life dry as a desert? If so, rejoice! This is when God is about to do a mighty work in your life. . Where He is preparing and equipping you for a ministry or to fulfill His plan for your life. No one is ready for combat until he has been fully trained in the use of weaponry,  to climb obstacles, wade through swamps and learn survival skills. These things are what readies a solider for battle. Likewise, God sends dry times to teach and prepare us to carry out His will for our lives.

For the past several weeks I been going through a wilderness experience. Nothing is happening in my life spiritually. At lease not what I can see through my five senses. With my wife out of the state for 2 1/2 months to take care of her father who is undergoing treatment for cancer, I suddenly have a lot of time on my hands. The house is empty, quiet and I have been spending a good deal of each day alone with God. My prayer life has tripled from the way it used to be. But it bothers me that I am doing nothing for God. I have surrendered my life to Him and have asked many times that He use me as His vessel. But still nothing happens. The past two days I have facilitated between hopeful anticipation to discouragement. Satan no doubt  is trying to torment me with his lies. Then last night I awoke and found myself unable to get back to sleep. When this happens, I usually pray. Nothing fancy. I just talk to God about whatever is on my mind. I had spent the day asking God why am I in this spiritual prison. It’s been nothing but waiting. I can’t seem to move forward. Then God spoke to my heart in the middle of the night. He said: ” Remember Joseph and Daniel”? Joseph was thrown in prison for two years. What was God doing during this time? He was equipping Joseph for the task of administration. Joesph was like the head of a huge food pantry. He was given the responsibility to make sure that everyone had enough to see them through the coming famine.

Some years back I was falsely accused of committing a felony and spent weeks in jail until everything was sorted out and the facts were made clear. Until then I was locked in a tiny cell by myself with very little human contact. It was difficult to feel that God was there with me and that He cared. That when I wept, Jesus also wept. One day I had a visitor. It was the new pastor of the church I had attended in the past. I asked him difficult questions such as “why”? Why did God allow this nightmare? The pastor of course could not answer this but he told me something I will never forget. He said there are biblical examples of men who had been wrongly accused and God worked everything out and they ended up more truly blessed. What men had meant for harm, God used for their good. I felt like a weight had suddenly been lifted off my shoulders. I was in very good company.The Bible is full of stories of men of God who had to spend time in the wilderness.

If you’re in the wilderness right now, remember these are times of learning. God is getting ready to do a mighty work in your life. Give Him praise and glory!


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