My People Are Perishing!

8 May

Last night I was watching The Way Of The Master which is an evangelist website and ministry run by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. They believe in witnessing to the lost by bringing them face to face with God’s laws, the Ten Commandments. There were two very eye opening things. One was the way pastors, evangelists and those who witness are going about teaching God’s word. It is so modern that it’s both deadly and useless. The primary objective is not to offend. No preaching on hell because it will upset and frighten people.Yet the Bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. This is the heart of the problem. The unsaved world does not fear God. These same pastors and evangelists are loving them to death literally. This isn’t love! If you truly love people who are unsaved, who do not know the Lord Jesus as their Savior, you would warn them. Not passively, but aggressively. If a blind man is about to cross the street and you see a semi truck heading towards him, wouldn’t you warn the man? Wouldn’t you run out to rescue him, even if it means throwing him to the ground and leaving him bruised and battered? Love is never passive.


Ray Comfort interviewed several individuals who claimed to be Christians. Each of them said they were going to heaven because they were ” pretty good” people.  Not one of them mentioned Jesus. When asked if they witness to unbelievers, they all said yes. Then when Ray asked them how they do this, what do they usually tell others, their responses were shocking. One man said he tells people that if they become a christian they will have a better life and always be happy. Yet this man couldn’t explain why. Two women said they tell others about the love of God. This is the modern way of preaching. We tell only half of the truth and leave out the rest because we don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable or offend their senses. I have heard pastors say they don’t preach on hell anymore because they don’t want to lose their congregants. Yet Jesus warned about hell many times.


The best part of the show was when Ray brought up God’s law, the Ten Commandments and asked each of these feel-good Christians if they had ever lied. It amazes me how some people don’t answer right away. They stand there mulling it over in their minds. One man said he has only told “white lies” as if certain lies aren’t sinful. But a lie is a lie. Two people said they had never stolen anything in their lives. That may be true, but when one man was asked if he ever took a test and looked at his neighbor’s answers, the man said “I didn’t steal any answers, I borrowed it.” The excuses people make! There will be no excuses at the Judgment Seat of Christ! It’s amazing how we try to cover up the truth or minimize it to the point where we believe we aren’t sinners, but good people. 

 There was one young African-American male who was honest. He really didn’t know much about Jesus. He admitted he was a blaspheming liar who had committed adultery in his heart. He admitted he would probably go to hell if God judged him by His Commandments. This man got saved right then and there.

The Scriptures says: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”  If you are a Christian, I ask you: what will you do? Will you love people to death and straight to hell? Or will you be willing to offend and make them uncomfortable by loving them enough to show them the whole truth? That they are sinners according to God’s laws and the wages of sin is death. Hell is real and it’s everlasting. The world desperately needs to know this. God said: “My people perish from a lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4: 6)



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