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The Gospel Isn’t true, It’s Too Simple!

29 Jul

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple. In fact, when you think about it, it’s VERY simple! Just say yes to Jesus, give Him ALL your sins after saying you’re sorry and it’s DONE! You’re now on your way to heaven and everlasting life with God. No earning brownie points or merit badges. No doing countless penances or whipping your body in a monastery. You don’t even have to keep saying “please” and “thank you” and open the door forĀ  little old ladies. Continue reading


Are Some Folks Predestined For Hell?

28 Jul

Not too long ago I lost a friend over a doctrinal difference. I had met this girl on the internet when she responded to my post about Mormonism in a Christian forum. Turned out that she lived only a few miles from me. We started instant messaging and she told me that she used to be Mormon and is now a born again Christian. So, I asked her if she would like to help me witness to some Mormon elders who were coming to my home to present their gospel. She accepted and we had a very good time and showed these young men from the Scriptures that there is only ONE God ever in existence and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is VERY different from the gospel according to Joseph Smith. Continue reading

Does God Smile Upon Rain Dances?

23 Jul

Have you ever wondered how God must feel about the different world religions? I’m not just referring to Hinduism or Buddhism, although I did ponder a bit at all the religious icons and decorations when I was in a Chinese restaurant the other day. How about the “religion” of the natives in remote countries who believe certain animals or foods are sacred and have miraculous properties? Who paint their faces, cut their bodies, act like warriors and perform bloody rituals to appease the gods? Who believe that man can return after he dies, even as an insect? Continue reading

There’s A Hair In My Wonton Soup!

20 Jul

Yesterday my wife and I went out to a Chinese restaurant in between doctor appointments. We had been there several times before and have always liked it. They serve those all you can eat buffets. They also have this beautiful water fountain that people toss coins in. A few minutes after we filled up our plates with fried rice, chicken, clams, noodles, etc, etc, I was looking at all the elaborate Chinese decorations and was feeling inspired to write a post about how God must view the different world religions. Continue reading

Many Are Following the Cults!

19 Jul
My wife attends a Mormon church although she’s a born again believer in Jesus Christ and knows better. So what’s the allure? The attraction? They’re a busy and very generous church. They reach out to the community and not just to other Mormons. I can remember years ago when I fell on hard times and couldn’t pay my rent and other bills. I wasn’t attending any church regularly, so I just randomly made calls to various Christian churches and not one would help because I wasn’t a member. Maybe things have changed since then. I don’t know. I never bother to ask for their help anymore. Continue reading

Help, MY Church Is Dead!

18 Jul

My wife is a born again Christian raised in the Bible Belt South in a city that has more Baptist churches than all other denominations combined. For years she went to Sunday school and got baptized while a young teen. So, why does she attend a Mormon church? Continue reading

Dead Churches/Dead Christians

14 Jul

We were never meant to be pew warmers. To just sit passively in church one day a week and act as if we scored another brownie point with God. Then sin like heck Monday through Saturday and even on the way home from church on Sunday. I remember growing up attending the local Catholic church. Many later comers word sit in the very back on folding metal chairs and sneak out early. Even my own cousins were guilty of this. Yet they acted as if by just being there God was pleased. Continue reading