Why Are We Attending Dead Churches?

13 Jul

Why on earth do you go to a dead church on Sunday? You really don’t do much more than warm the pew, do you? You sit passively and listen to a pastor standing behind a podium speaking things that goes in one ear and out the other and never penetrates the heart. You obey all the mindless routines, never once questioning why you do it. Your smile is as plastic as everyone else’. Where’s the genuine love? You murmur halfhearted prayers, not really believing God will answer.

Were 1st century christians like that?

If your church does not have a healing ministry, it’s a dead church! If your church doesn’t participate in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, it’s dead! If your church doesn’t encourage you to use your spiritual gift(s), it’s dead! What about prophesying, tongues, shepherding, missionaries, word of knowledge, discernment of spirits, etc, etc? Where does the bible say these gifts ceased? If your church lacks faith in miracles, doubts you can be healed of cancer or deafness, then your church is DEAD! Jesus is still in the healing business. Did He not say I am the same yesterday, today and forever? If God never changes, then why do you doubt He can and will heal you?

The world is filled with millions of dead Christians. Forgive us, Father God for being dead pew warmers!

May we all pray for compassionate hearts on fire for the Lord.

Get out there and do something for the kingdom of God on earth!


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