Dead Churches/Dead Christians

14 Jul

We were never meant to be pew warmers. To just sit passively in church one day a week and act as if we scored another brownie point with God. Then sin like heck Monday through Saturday and even on the way home from church on Sunday. I remember growing up attending the local Catholic church. Many later comers word sit in the very back on folding metal chairs and sneak out early. Even my own cousins were guilty of this. Yet they acted as if by just being there God was pleased.

Jesus sent each and every Born again Believer on a Mission. It’s called the GREAT COMMISSION. He didn’t say it was an option. That if we are shy or anti social we could be exempt. No!  He COMMANDED we do it! We are all Ministers. We should be on fire for God and turn this wicked world UPSIDE DOWN! Instead, with the passing of each century we have become lax, lazy, ashamed of the Gospel, even apostate. Many Christians and their pastors have twisted the Scriptures, watered down the Holy Bible and teach/believe false doctrines. To believe in a literal hell is no longer popular. Millions would rather buy into Oprah Winfrey’s higher power and no everlasting punishment.

Are you ashamed of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ? You are if you never witness to the lost. What have you done for Jesus lately?

May God have mercy on us for all the years we have wasted warming pews.


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