Help, MY Church Is Dead!

18 Jul

My wife is a born again Christian raised in the Bible Belt South in a city that has more Baptist churches than all other denominations combined. For years she went to Sunday school and got baptized while a young teen. So, why does she attend a Mormon church?


Because the Christian churches are dead! For years she attended the same Baptist congregation and never knew anybody beyond their first names. Didn’t even develop a rapport with the pastor or his wife. Other than Sunday and Wednesday night services, the church really didn’t do much. It never went out and witnessed to the lost. Didn’t have a food pantry. Really didn’t do anything to reach out to the community.


So, why the LDS church? My wife loves the Women’s Relief Society that meets weekly and teaches you how to can vegetables, store food for emergencies, and even has a swap meet where you can barter stuff. The women establish friendships and everybody’s kids play together.


You know, it’s really a shame when Christian churches do so little outside of Sunday Service and the cults are leading by example.


My wife will never convert to Mormonism, but she has long ago become disappointed in all these dead churches and lukewarm pew warmers who’s names she never really knew.


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