Many Are Following the Cults!

19 Jul
My wife attends a Mormon church although she’s a born again believer in Jesus Christ and knows better. So what’s the allure? The attraction? They’re a busy and very generous church. They reach out to the community and not just to other Mormons. I can remember years ago when I fell on hard times and couldn’t pay my rent and other bills. I wasn’t attending any church regularly, so I just randomly made calls to various Christian churches and not one would help because I wasn’t a member. Maybe things have changed since then. I don’t know. I never bother to ask for their help anymore.
You can give the Mormon elders or sister missionaries in your area a call if you need assistance, whether it’s something you need done in your home, lawn or even with packing and moving. They sometimes go to strangers and offer their time. A few years ago my niece who was a single parent and living down the street from an lds missionary apartment house had a knock on her door. Two sister missionaries introduced themselves and asked my niece if she needed anything. Who does that? If you’re a Christian, would you be willing to do that?
So, what’s scary about all this? It’s becoming a growing trend. My wife has friends, all former Mormons, who still go to the local LDS church and when they need help, it’s the Mormons they call. If they need food due to loss of job or whatever, they call the Bishop’s Storehouse for free groceries twice a month. This Mormon owned food pantry is huge and stock full. They will even deliver  the stuff to your door. And it isn’t just food, but paper and hygiene products. Even fresh meats.
Mormons believe in good works for advancement to the celestial kingdom. Obedience is of the utmost importance. This is their central motivation. So it comes as no real surprise that they abound in generous and random acts of kindness. But those of us who are born again, spirit filled, Bible believing Christians should be put to shame because the cults are setting by example the works of Jesus regardless of the reasons behind it.

Wake up Christian Churches! Our laziness is the main reason the cults advance unchecked. Many unsuspecting people are taking the bait.


3 Responses to “Many Are Following the Cults!”

  1. razorswift July 19, 2012 at 10:37 pm #

    “But those of us who are born again, spirit filled, Bible believing Christians should be put to shame because the cults are setting by example the works of Jesus regardless of the reasons behind it.”

    Unfortunately I relate to this all too well with your average Christian. Lots of talk, but where’s the walk? It seems that we at times are too busy debating theology rather than loving on people like Jesus did.

    • justoneblogger July 20, 2012 at 10:36 am #

      So true! It seems that those in a false religion or cult do walk the walk but mainly because they adhere to a “works based” theology. In other words, they believe good works saves a person. Therefore their motivation is is to save their own soul.There may or may not be any genuine love behind it.

      The born again believer in Jesus knows he is saved not by his deeds but by what Christ did on Calvary’s Cross, and tends to get lazy because of his own eternal security. Many Christians forget or are not even aware that we will be rewarded for the things we do on earth. There will be crowns given. Another thing is that hell is a very real place and it is everlasting. Many Christians forget that.

      • razorswift July 20, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

        Yes, it’s that works based system that keeps them running on the hamster wheel…

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