There’s A Hair In My Wonton Soup!

20 Jul

Yesterday my wife and I went out to a Chinese restaurant in between doctor appointments. We had been there several times before and have always liked it. They serve those all you can eat buffets. They also have this beautiful water fountain that people toss coins in. A few minutes after we filled up our plates with fried rice, chicken, clams, noodles, etc, etc, I was looking at all the elaborate Chinese decorations and was feeling inspired to write a post about how God must view the different world religions.


As I sat there eating and pondering the Year of the Dragon cardboard cut out hanging from the ceiling and the statute of Buddha, four men in a big truck pulled into the parking lot. Two of them came inside and sat at the table next to us. Several minutes later the other two entered and sat two tables behind us.  It wasn’t long before one of them yelped that he had found a hair nestled between his cantaloupe slices. He didn’t push his plate away. Just sat there staring at it. Then a guy behind us let out a hoot  that there was a hair in his wonton soup. The little Chinese girl who passes out the drinks and takes away the empty plates rushed over. Where’s the hair? she asked. The guy with the cantaloupes had gone to the back of the room so his seat mate tried pointing it out. “It’s somewhere in there,” He said. “Where? Where? I no see! The Chinese girl hovered over the plate, squinting her eyes. The man kept trying to find it and finally I guess the girl was satisfied and scratched off the price from the check. I don’t know what happened with the guy who claimed to have a hair in his soup. Maybe he wasn’t charged either.


At this time my wife was feeling sick and refused to eat the rest of her meal. I grabbed a few cookies, wrapped them in napkins and we left. It wasn’t until later after we had returned home that I wondered if these men had made this all up in order to get a free meal. But, who knows. I always prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt.


Maybe next time I will write that post about God’s view on world religion.


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