The Gospel Isn’t true, It’s Too Simple!

29 Jul

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple. In fact, when you think about it, it’s VERY simple! Just say yes to Jesus, give Him ALL your sins after saying you’re sorry and it’s DONE! You’re now on your way to heaven and everlasting life with God. No earning brownie points or merit badges. No doing countless penances or whipping your body in a monastery. You don’t even have to keep saying “please” and “thank you” and open the door for  little old ladies.

Nothing’s required but faith and trust in Jesus ALONE. This is where the cults have gone wrong and unbelievers stumble. Why many times we see a member of a “cult”go from one false religion to another. I have seen Mormons leave and join the  Seventh-Day Adventists or  Calvinist church.  Catholics joining a Mormon church. It’s merely a case of going from one extreme to another. The ONE thing they all have in common is that they believe in a “works” based theology. A Mormon who questions some of the teachings of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young may desire to join the Catholic church above all others because they still hold onto the belief of a priesthood and hierarchy. I have seen Southern Baptist pastors become  Jehovah’s Witnesses because neither believes in a real hellfire. I have seen a Calvinist become Amish because the latter do not go out and witness to the lost which makes sense to a Calvinist who believes in the Predestination teaching that God purposely creates some people for heaven and the rest go to hell. So why bother witnessing?

I have even seen a sabbath keeping Christian join a Jewish fellowship. Not realizing that to return to the Old Covenant is a slap in God’s face. It’s really a denial of all that Christ accomplished for us at Calvary.

In all of this confusing religious group hopping and exchanging of extreme views, the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ has been lost or forgotten. No wonder there will soon be a great apostasy.


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