“Big Love”

3 Aug

My wife is morbidly fascinated with “Big Love.” It ran for 5 seasons on HBO. Recently, she ran out and got the dvds from the library. It’s about a Mormon polygamous who has 3 wives, but is only legally married to one, Barb, who was sick with cancer. That brought in Nikki who took care of Barb and was soon “sealed” to Bill, the husband. Then along comes Margene the babysitter who also ends up being sealed to Bill.

Initially I couldn’t understand why my wife liked this show so much. I caught bits and pieces of it and it seemed that Bill was always chomping on Viagra and bed hopping. However, by season 4, Bill seemed to have calmed down and kept himself very busy by owning a a chain of hardware stores and running for state senator. He won amid a messy controversy which included blackmail and death threats. By season 5, Bill was trying to get polygamy made legal. I won’t say how it all ended in case you want to rent the dvds, but it does have a surprise and I must admit, very disturbing ending.

Anyway, the reason why I am writing a post about this TV show is that , although mainstream Mormons denounce polygamy since it was made illegal, they do believe they will practice it in the next life and for all eternity. In “Big Love.” Bill was a Mormon Fundamentalist who never labeled himself as such. This is a group that still exists and still believes in polygamy. They claim that it’s the mainstream Mormons (LDS) who have apostatized because they have abandoned a command that Joseph Smith, their founder, claimed God gave to him and that the LDS cowardly caved in to the law of the land instead of obeying God.

My Bible tells me that polygamy is an abomination before God. Although there were some patriarchs that did partake in it in the Old Testament, it was never God’s will.  God did tolerate it, but  these men  paid dearly. 

This is just one of many reasons why we cannot accept Mormonism as just another Christian denomination.


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