Are There Superior People?

5 Aug

I was watching a documentary on TV the other day about Nazi Germany and the quest for a superior race to live on for a millennium. Their solution was to not only execute undesirables, but to also serialize those deemed inferior and flawed. This is the history that most of us are familiar with. What surprised  me was that Hitler’s henchmen wanted to practice polygamy.


German women were looked at as baby-making machines and not much else. Their duty was to produce as many blond hair, blue eyed babies as possible. If any of these German babies were deformed or of low IQ they too were killed or sterilized. The plan was to have  tall German studs mate with as many women as possible. It was perfectly okay for a woman to have a baby out of wedlock. After all, it was for a “good” cause. The more the better!


 I had read about Mormons and polygamy and their desire to one day practice polygamy after this life on some planet where the women will be spending eternity producing “spirit babies” for God. Most Mormons will not talk about this or will simply just deny. It may not openly be taught to most members, but it’s still in their standards works. This is what Mormons males are hoping to be worthy of, including Mitt Romney, who  comes from a very long line of faithful Latter Day Saints. His church refers to themselves as God’s chosen people who have received the “restored” gospel of Jesus Christ and the rest of the world are Gentiles.

It’s mind boggling that anyone in this day and age can believe this stuff. Polygamy never works because it never was and never will be, God’s plan. This is the danger of adhering to a belief system that one is superior to all others. Mormons will often tell you they don’t see themselves that way, but further delving into the teachings of their church shows that their hope is to one day be gods and goddesses on a planet of their very own.

This sounds a lot like Battle star Gallatica. Well, in fact, it was a latter  Day Saint who invented that TV show.


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