My Jehovah’s Witness Date

7 Aug

I once dated a Jehovah’s Witness. It was serious and lasted a whole year. Not a wise thing to do. But I was young and stupid. And madly in love.My Christian friends thought I was crazy. That it was just a passing infatuation. Looking back now, my deepest regret is that it never occurred to me to keep witnessing to her. I tried once to talk to her about Jesus and salvation and brought out the Holy Bible. I quoted certain passages and it was like speaking a foreign language.  It left me frustrated and hot till my face went red.


I remember one time asking her if she would like to go to this park with me where they were having a gathering of “Jesus Freaks.” She gave me a look like she was gonna be sick. It never occurred to me that we couldn’t make the relationship work, nor the seriousness of being with someone who is in a religious cult up to her eyelashes. We would discuss which church our kids would go to if we ever got married. Couldn’t solve that one. We couldn’t even pray together because she doesn’t believe that Jesus is God, the Savior of the world.

I blame the Christian churches for failing  cultists like her. She just didn’t know any better. For years she had sought out the different denominations and asked a lot of questions in her quest for truth. She didn’t find it. The pastors couldn’t answer and she winded up arguing with a catholic priest. Then one day her mom converted to the cult after being visited again and again by two brainwashed JW ladies and spent a few years working on my girlfriend’s brain until she too got sucked in.

After nearly a year of love, fun and togetherness, our relationship ended abruptly without warning. Even in hind sight 9 years later, I still can’t find the signs. It took me a long time to accept it and understand that it just wasn’t God’s will for me to be unequally yoked spiritually. I still pray for her soul and will continue to do so till I die. Maybe that was the reason she came into my life. She is in desperate need of prayers. To be set free from this cult and find Jesus Christ and salvation.


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