Medication And Mailboxes Do Not Mix

14 Aug

Last Friday someone drove into my mailbox, skidded across my neighbor’s front lawn and ended up hitting a tree two houses down. Thankfully the woman wasn’t hurt because she was driving through the village at a very slow speed.  What was unusual was that I was sitting on my porch and never saw or heard a thing until the police showed up and then an ambulance.


You know you live in a very small town when store owners all come running out to see if they can assist. I still couldn’t figure out what was happening until I spotted my mailbox post bent out of shape and nearly laying in the grass. I didn’t want to seem uncaring, but I did ask a police officer about it. He looked at me with his mouth hanging open.  In a tone that told me I was being thoughtless, he said the driver had passed out and pretty much dismissed me with a wave of his hand.  I later learned that it was an elderly lady who had taken some medication and was on her way to the doctor. She fainted behind the wheel. A short time later another police officer gave me a copy of the accident report so that I could file a claim with the woman’s insurance company. I almost felt guilty. But mailboxes aren’t cheap and neither is a new post, plus a bag of cement.


I had my wife make the phone call and she was on the line for over 30 minutes. A representative of the driver’s insurance company asked a zillion questions like: what hospital was the lady taken to? What damage was done to her car. Questions that my wife couldn’t answer. Finally, after more than 20 minutes, he asked about our mailbox. He told us to take photos of it and emailed them to him. I was a little surprised that no one was coming out and taking their own pictures.


Next to our mailbox there is also a highway sign that says: NO STANDING ANYTIME. This sign was bent way over and broke near the bottom. The Highway Department came out first thing Monday morning and fixed their sign. In the meantime, my mailbox is still nearly on the ground, broken. We were told not to touch anything until a decision was made on what to do about it as far as reimbursement.


I have been complaining and murmuring again. I asked God to forgive me.


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