Worldly Therapy And More, Oh My!

24 Aug

I have received a lot of positive feedback on my previous post about my wife receiving therapy from a guy who say’s he is a Christian, but cannot provide Christian counseling because his employer is a state agency. I have decided to continue with what has been happening since my wife sought out therapy. This counselor, who happens to be a Christian, has recommended her for 3 different group counseling three days a week. In these groups she is expected to discuss openly with total strangers very personal things about her past and present life. Pretty much the same people attend all these groups. They are largely made up of those who have drug and/or alcohol addictions. More men than women. God is never mentioned. So my wife leaves out a very large portion of her life and who she is. Much of what is very important to her.

She comes home drained and frustrated. Often complaining that some of the people in group are very ill or have a real low IQ, that conversing with them is difficult. She wonders what on earth she is doing there. My wife’s only addiction is that she smokes a lot when she is feeling stressed.This can be dangerous because she is asthmatic. She yearns to understand where this is all coming from. She has received some very outrageous suggestions and advice by people who know almost nothing about her and do not know the Lord. She has been told to put herself first, spend more time away from home/family, read some self-help books and embrace feminism. After her last group she came home exhausted, couldn’t sleep and wanted a cigarette.


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