A Sudden Mental Breakdown

25 Aug

I used to know a man who went out in the rain with a box over his head. This guy showed no signs of having any mental problems until he was well into his 50’s. It’s confusing as to what happened and why.


He had a breakdown on a beautiful warm day in May and was given medication which he hated taking. From that time on he made a rapid downward spiral. He became paranoid, would stick papers in his ears and disappeared all day and sometimes overnight. Once he slept in a storage unit after spending the entire day just driving around town with a hole in his muffler. You could hear him a half a mile away. The police soon picked him up because his common law wife complained that he was “out of it.” He ended up being committed to the psych ward at the local hospital four times in one month, but they would always let him out in 1-3 days.

Then he was seen walking down Maple Street with a box over his head. It wasn’t even raining hard. Just a light shower. People laughed at him, pointing their fingers and shouting obscenities. The next day his elderly mother had him committed for a long time at a mental facility. The last I heard he still puts paper in his ears.


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