My Kiddie Swimming Pool Frog Pond

26 Aug

Earlier this summer I made a small pond in my backyard.  In the past I had made one with 2×4’s. Just took four boards and screwed them together making a square. Then I dug a hole and fitted it in ground level. Next, I took some thick sheet of plastic and stapled it to the boards, filled it with water and put in some plants, rocks and a small plastic boat. Like the saying goes: “If you build it, they will come.” Sure enough the frogs and toads jumped in.

Last summer was a success, but the boards had rotted since I left them out all winter. So, this year I decided to use a kiddie swimming pool. After I had everything all set up, there was nothing more to do but wait for the occupants. The ideal spot for a small pond is near a vegetable garden. It didn’t take long for a frog to show up. Not just any frog but a huge bullfrog. I could hear something flapping around in the water from an open window in my house. Looking out, I could see something big swimming around ferociously.At first I thought it was a badger or something of similar size. It was acting as if it was trying to get away from something. So I went outside to take a closer look. This bullfrog was swimming like mad all over the kiddie pool. If it wanted out it should have been a piece of cake. The shallow end of the pool had some stones built in a pyramid to make it easy for toads to climb out. The way this bullfrog was acting, it was either sick or in some kind of distress. I noticed quite a bit of bees buzzing around the pool and wondered if the frog was getting stung. I quickly grabbed the water hose to douse the bees, hoping this would give the frog a chance to escape, but it just sat there. In the past I have never noticed the toads having any problems with bees. I should have took the bullfrog out, but these amphibians take care of themselves in the wild and co-habitat with bees all the time.

Anyway, a few hours later the bullfrog was dead. On the outside it looked pretty good. No marks or signs of injury. I felt bad and gave it a decent burial. Then I cleaned out the pond and poured in fresh water. About a week later I was startled to find a dead bird in the pond. What was killing these critters? 

It’s been more than a month since the death of the bullfrog and I have had no strange incidences since. A toad and a frog have been enjoying it daily.


2 Responses to “My Kiddie Swimming Pool Frog Pond”

  1. linda s freeman September 2, 2012 at 5:45 am #

    I still wonder what was wrong with her pool. I think the pool was to shallow. And the water temp. got to hot.

    • justoneblogger September 2, 2012 at 10:57 am #

      I have no idea why the bullfrog died.It was acting strange. There was enough water in the pool but not too much that it couldn’t climb or jump out. I have not had any problems since and there is a good size frog that enjoys the pool everyday.

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