The Brutal Reality Of Online Spades

26 Aug

Have you ever played the card game Spades online? The one from I’ve been playing it for years. When I first discovered it I was a complete novice. I never read any instructions. Don’t have the time or patience for that. Just learned while I played. It was awful.


Some players are brutal and downright competitive. Jeepers, it’s only a game! Get a life! My partner would abuse me verbally. One time I had a female partner and she badmouthed me to a player on the opposite team as if I wasn’t even there.I read their conversation in a sidebar. The other player wanted to know why she wasn’t teaching me. Finally I butted in and told them this was the first time I ever played Spades. Needless to say I was dumped. Everyone left the game.

There’s a thing that keeps score for you and gives you your rating. I once played with another brutal female and we were losing. I apologized and told her I was a newbie. She responded that she already knew that because she checked out my score and it was awful. Gee, you’d think we we playing for money or something. It’s just a stupid card game!


After awhile I had had enough of multi-player games where you create your own avatar. You can give it any different hair/clothing color and style. There’s even an array of hats to choose from. Mine was always a macho looking guy with facial hair and dark glasses. Sometimes I had him sporting an eye patch. But the way I played was more like an 8 year old child. So I left that and started playing as a guest where you don’t have avatars and no one knows your gender.


I have since gotten really good at the game and I play fast. Maybe too fast as I get partners that seem so woefully slooow. In order not to lose my patience or leave the game in a huff, I just tell myself that my anonymous partner is probably a little old lady who’s doing her best. But then I start thinking it’s more likely someone in their office who is multi tasking


Gawd, I hate those!


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