I’m As Liberal As Hillary Clinton

27 Aug

I recently found out that I’m as liberal as Hillary Clinton. I took a survey that was in a section of the Sunday newspaper. The results showed that I am very liberal! That surprises me since I’m against abortion and gay marriage. But I am also against helping the rich, i.e. tax breaks and incentives. I have a soft spot and worry about the poor in America. But welfare doesn’t work.That’s already been proven over and over. It’s vicious cycle and seems to run in some families. For them it’s time for self-help. There’s even programs to help you do that which are for short term, not lifelong dependency.



I view myself as an Independent which leaves me open to vote for the best man/woman regardless of what party they belong to. I don’t believe in putting people in boxes/I started out as a Democrat soon as I turned 18 and registered to vote. Not long after that I went from an idealistic young adult to a cynic. So I stopped voting. Seems all the candidates are alike and no matter who you vote for nothing ever changes.


The other day I was watching a program called “City Confidential.” It was about a man who ran for mayor of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and won. He closed down the bars and strip joints and cleaned up the beaches by running out the drug crazed, drinking teenagers. I thought here’s guy who should run for president. Then later in the show it revealed that he hired the services of a prostitute. Not once but several times. Right up until she got arrested.


Like I said, they’re all alike.


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