Annihilate Those (**bleep!) Trojans!

28 Aug

I’m really getting sick and tired of all this hacking, phishing, scams, spams, Adware, Spyware and Trojans that keep eating up my computer. Not to mention all that money I spend to clean it all up when it sloows way down and then crashes right in the middle of a game I’m playing. The other players complain I’m too slow and sometimes I get an error message saying my computer is not fast enough for the game and I get kicked out. Always when I winning too.


I have long stopped trying to sell stuff on Craigslist because of the constant scamming. If I make a post that says: “Old dresser, needs a lot of work, $25.” I’ll get a dozen emails, some in my spam box, that reads: “old dresser, needs a lot of work?” They repeat my posts verbatim and always with a question mark (?)
Then there’s the email everyone gets every once in a while about a poor widow who’s hubby just died and she has a ton of money locked away some where and is starving. Could  I please help her get her money? These emails are long and rambling with shameless begging. You’d have to be a complete imbecile to fall for that scam. A couple of years ago, Dateline, the TV show, was asking people to report these scams. I sent Dateline an email and forwarded some emails from these criminals masquerading as pitiful widows. I never got a response.

Then there’s the hackers who visit online chat rooms and flood my screen with messages until it freezes and all I can do it shut it off quick. Then I spend hours with MacAfee doing scans and virus removal. More often then not, they just put these deadly beasts in quarantine. Some punishment! Annihilate the ****BLEEP!!!

The most horrible thing was a pornographic email I got yesterday. It was from my dear, sweet niece. She claims she didn’t send me any nudie pics, but hey, you never know.


One Response to “Annihilate Those (**bleep!) Trojans!”

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