Mitt And Hillary, What A Nightmare!

28 Aug

I dreamed last night that Mitt Romney became president of the United States. He made us all don holy, sacred underwear. It’s supposed to keep you safe even in the most tragic car crashes where you go through the windshield and smack your skull against an oak tree. I don’t like to make fun of anyone’s religion, but that’s putting your faith and trust in a piece fabric and not in God.

Then Hillary Clinton showed up. I dream about her quite a bit. Maybe it’s because she looks a lot like my primary care doctor, Jo. Jo fixes my health. Hillary fixes my dreams before they become out of control nightmares.

Anyway, Hillary told Mitt to knock it off. It’s a free country. Mitt thought that was a novel idea and asked Hillary if she wanted a job. Hillary responded that it wouldn’t work because she’s a born-again Baptist and Mitt’s a Mormon.

Then Hillary got shot by some dude hiding in a bush. He looked a lot like George W. but I can’t swear on my mother’s grave. Hillary nearly dies. Mitt scolds her for not  wearing holy undergarments. She would have avoided surgery. Hillary retorts that she was wearing a Cross.


They shook hands and wished each other good luck. Then Mitt asked her out on a date. Hillary said she’d think about it.

Mitt and Hillary? What a nightmare!


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