Gilbert, Young And Typing Class

29 Aug

I flunked typing. Many of you are too young to remember those old clackity clack typewriters. Or perhaps you weren’t even born yet. I bet many of you grew up with personal computers and you can’t even imagine a world without them. Well, yeah, there used to be a thing called a TYPEWRITER. Goodwill tosses out these prehistoric monsters, so don’t bother donating the one in your mom’s attic.

They were very loud and annoying. Imagine a classroom full of typewriters all going at once. After the hour is up and the bell rings, you stumble out into the hall half deaf. Your ears don’t stop ringing until the bus drops you off  in front of your house.
Anyway, my sister lied to me. She said it’s impossible to flunk typing. No one flunks typing. Well, I DID! I should have gotten an award for being the only pupil in my schools’ entire history that failed typing. It was all my teacher’s fault. She had it in for me since day one. She couldn’t pronounce my name and the kids in the back snickered. After a while she gave up trying. She just pointed me out and said: “You, there!”

Her name was Mrs. Young. Only she was old with glasses. That’s all I remember about her looks because it been years. How many I won’t say. But this old lady was mean. She always singled me out for ridicule. “Your ribbon is falling out the side. It’s not supposed to do that” “We don’t hunt and peck. Please use all your fingers.” “This is the 4th typewriter you’ve broken in less than 2 months. The school does not have the budget to keep buying these machines.”

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and marched down to the Guidance Counselor’s office. His name was Gilbert. I don’t remember if that was his first or last name. He was skinny, wimpy and bald. He had this poster on his wall that said: “WHAT’S A NICE GIRL LIKE YOU DOING IN A MAN’S WORLD?”  I told him Mrs. Young was mean  and I wanted to drop the class. He said: “OK.”  Then he went and told Mrs. Young what I said.

Of course I can’t tell you the rest. One shouldn’t speak ill of the dead.


2 Responses to “Gilbert, Young And Typing Class”

  1. gatdulapascual August 29, 2012 at 1:27 pm #

    Hahaha this story kept my hanging!!!

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