Is Paul Ryan another Dan Quayle?

1 Sep

Mitt Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, has been blaming Obama for the closing of the GM plant even though this happened before Obama became president. Actually, it was general Motors who made the decision to shut down. Now Ryan is trying to save face by claiming the plant is still “idle”. What the heck is that suppose to mean??

Ryan goes on to say that  the eventual closure reflected Obama’s economic record. What he fails to realize or just refuses to admit is that Obama inherited this poor economy from George Bush. In fact, Obama inherited a lot of junk from Bush.  It seems that every time a republican gets elected, the deficit skyrockets. Then a democrat comes in and has to clean it up. Reagan left us with a massive deficit which Clinton successfully eradicated. Then comes Bush who spent all our money on wars and weapons. As a result, many, many of our troops paid with their limbs and lives.

The problem is this: Paul Ryan is looking for a scapegoat to use repeatedly to try and make himself look better.The fact is he lacks the experience to be vice president. He’s been getting everything wrong lately. His behavior is reminiscent of Dan Quayle. He also suffers from a nasty case of foot in mouth disease.

Ryan has accused Obama of cutting Medicare by $716 billion, but Ryan’s own budget has these every same cuts.

 Ryan has opposed the stimulus, but he lobbied for stimulus grants that went to his district. He had initially said that he had not taken any stimulus money, but was forced to correct that record. So he lied. He did indeed seek some stimulus money for his district after the law was passed. Romney has since told Ryan to lay low. Instead, Ryan will only partially admit his errors, but then goes on the record to say he wasn’t in complete error! This is double speak.

 If you don’t like Obama, don’t just blindly vote for Romney/Ryan. Do your homework! Paul Ryan has distorted the facts not once, but repeatedly. He’s either misinformed or a complete buffoon. Would you trust your country to someone who hasn’t a clue what in heck he’s talking about?


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