Gods, Patriarchs And The Mark Of Cain

4 Sep

When you have been a Christian a long time like I have, it isn’t hard to spot a counterfeit religion. Cults are a dime a dozen and sadly, millions fall for the trap. The one that is the most deceptive because they appear so harmless on the surface, is Mormonism. Unless you do an in depth research into this church’s history, you will never have a clue as to how far Mormonism deviates from true Christianity.

The Mormon church taught from the very beginning that blacks were a cursed race from the lineage of Cain. They assume that Cain had black skin and because he was cursed by God for killing Abel. all those of African descent have this mark. In 1852, they made a statement that black people of African descent were not eligible to hold the church’s priesthood. In other words, they cannot have any authority in the church. They cannot ever baptize another person. If they do, the baptism is worthless. The Mormon Church has a lay priesthood in which all worthy male members become priests. Unless you were African. This ban was not lifted until 1978. If you ask Mormons today about this discrimination, many will deny their church ever taught it.

Mormonism is also a very patriarchal religion. Women hold no authority in the church. For the Mormon male, the desire is to have wives in the hereafter who will be producing spirit babies for all eternity. In the Mormon temple, men can be “sealed” forever to multiple women. Much of what Mormons believe run contrary to the Holy Bible. Such as their belief in the existence of zillions of gods on other planets.

Remember, satan can appear as an angel of light and deceive millions. He already has.


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