God Is Not god, One Among Zillions

7 Sep

There are many reasons why I can’t vote for Mitt Romney. Time and space won’t permit me to go through them all. So I’ll just list the most important ones. As a Christian, I cannot vote for a Mormon. Sorry, but I simply can’t. Why? Because there is only ONE God. Mormon’s believe in zillions of gods and that our God just happens to be God of this world. That God started out as a man, yes, a mortal (oh my!), and through obedience he worked his way up to godhood. I cannot imagine having the president of my country believing such blasphemy.

I won’t vote for someone who believes that his undergarments will protect him from harm. Mormons are expected to wear such garments 24/7. I can’t understand why someone who claims to be a christian would trust in his clothing and not in God.

I want a president who believes in the Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible. Romney’s church teaches that Jesus is our brother and also the brother of satan. That Christ came to America after his Resurrection. That Jesus is just another god.

I want a president who prays to the same God I pray to. Not a mythological god who was once like me.

I do not want a president who believes that one day he too may become a god, rule his own planet and have celestial sex with his wives for all eternity. Mormonism is a very carnal religion.

I  want a president who believes in reality. Not in science fiction like a planet called Kolob, magic clothing, that a boy in upstate New York saw and spoke with God and Jesus Christ in the woods and was chosen to restore the supposedly lost Gospel that Jesus Christ Himself said would never be lost from the earth.

I want a president who knows who it is he prays to; God, not to a god among zillions. A man who respects the Holy Scriptures and believes everything in it. Not a fictitious narrative called the Book of Mormon.


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