Little Honey Boo Boo

8 Sep

I love watching “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” This family farts together and proudly. They are unapologetic red necks. What you see is what you get. More funnier and  personable than the Duggars. They live somewhere down south in a house where trains go through their backyard. The mother is obese with a deformed toe that she keeps hidden all year round by wearing socks. The result of having gotten run over by a forklift. She is unmarried, lives with a man called Sugar Bear, has 3 or 4 daughters by different fathers.


Although the focus is supposed to be on honey boo boo and getting her ready for beauty pageants, the mother ( I think her name is June), often steals the show. On one episode, she and Sugar Bear were celebrating their shacked up together anniversary. Sugar Bear takes her out to dinner not at a restaurant, but at a Cafeteria. Although June is “dolled up”, Sugar Bear wears his work clothes and appears to be missing his bottom teeth. For a present, he gives June an ugly statute of a deer. June openly admits she’s disappointed and dislikes statutes. Then she proceeds to eat her meal with her fingers. So much for romance.

You either love or immensely dislike this family. As for me, I would take them over the Duggars every time.


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