The Night The Lights Went Out. (No, Not In Georgia)

9 Sep

Last night the power went out. My wife and I were watching TV when suddenly we were engulfed in darkness. It had been raining on and off  most of the day and a bit on the windy side, but nothing to email the family down south about.

Luckily my wife collects candles and oil lamps. So we had them in abundance all over the house. Then my wife decides to call the gas and electric company, only to discover the phone is also dead. We had forgotten that we purchased a plan where our land line is also connected to the electrical grid. Bad idea. But then who has a land-line phone anymore? So we each whipped out our cellphones where upon we simultaneously yelled:

“The battery’s almost dead!”

During one of my many brilliant moments I tell my wife to go charge up her phone. She gives me a look like I’m in the midst of a debilitating stroke.

“How?” she yells. “We ain’t got power!”

Oh, yeah…duh.

She then decides to make a quick call anyway to the power company on her dying cellphone and tells me to get our latest electric bill which has the phone # on it. It takes me nearly 15 minutes to locate it on the floor in a heap with all our other paid, semi-paid and unpaid bills. I proudly hand it to her.

“How am I supposed to read anything on this?” She yells. It seems someone had spilled a drink all over the billing statement. “Go get the phone book.”

“We don’t need one,” I said proudly. “I can get the number online.”

This time my wife’s jaw dropped to the floor. Or at least I think it did. Hard to tell by the light of a flickering pumpkin scented candle.

“How the hell you gonna do that when we have no power!”

By now my tail’s between my legs as I go scouting for the phone book which we haven’t used in over 7 years.

It suddenly occurred to me how technology dependent we are. Most of us, unless you’re Amish, cannot live without electricity, computers, cellphones, I pad, I pod, android, etc.

My neighbors across the street, 2 women who share a house, were sitting in front of their garage with the fire pit blazing. The neighbors directly next door were sitting on their front porch and frequently visiting the ladies with the fire pit. People were roaming the neighborhood like it was Halloween. It was like nobody knew what to do or how to live without lights, TV, microwave, ice maker, and on and on and on.

My wife and I were perfectly comfortable, although I ended up with a nasty headache after 2 hours from the oil lamp fumes and the pumpkin, vanilla and caramel scented candles.


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